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  • 12/05/2020 12:12 AM
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    Hi Everyone, 

         I have a 2018 Fleetwood Storm 34s. While getting it ready for winter storage,  I had decided that I needed to get the tires up off the ground before I covered it.  I already had it leveled in one spot but I moved it so that could get some boards in place to elevate the tires so they are not in direct contact with the ground. After placing the boards,  I had a friend spot me back to the same spot onto the newly placed boards,  which went without a hitch.  I told him to place two support boards under the levelers,  but he only placed one.  When I turned on the leveling system and then pressed the auto button,  the automatic leveling started as it always has.  But,  the rear drivers side leveler,  I  think because there was only one board under it,  started leveling the motorhome but then popped loudly,  so I shut the leveling down,  turned it back on,  and then pressed the retract levelers button,  and all retracted completely.  I  then placed the two boards as I  had wanted under all the levelers.  Then,  I pressed the on button,  waited  for the wait light to turn off,  and pressed the auto button again,  as I have done numerous times in the past.  However ,  this time,  the wait button as well as the left button lights just blinked for several minutes,  and then the center green light and both the left and right button lights just blinked in sync continously,  and nothing happened.  Not one of the levelers moved.  No matter what I did,  or what I do,  I get absolutely no response now from any of the buttons on the leveling system.  The parking brake is set,  the engine running,  and all else is as it should be and how the owner's manual says it should be.  I have done this process dozens of times in the past and as recent as two days back.  This is all new since the rear driver's leveler popped earlier today.  Any ideas?


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  • 12/07/2020 9:17 AM
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    Bill & Laura Johnson (Administrator)

    Several points:

    1. The jack systems are intended to stop sway, not lift the coach off the ground.

    2. The less the jack extends the more stable the feeling inside the coach

    3. The jack system is made by Powergear a division of Lipert, and you can find a full troubleshooting guide at: Power Gear® Hydraulic Leveling System | Lippert Customer Support (lci1.com)

    Hard to be sure from your post, but it sounds like the system went into the fault mode and needs to be reset.

  • 12/09/2020 11:28 AM
    Reply # 9416868 on 9406090

    Thanks for the reply Bill and Laura.  Yes,  I have been to that website numerous times and have been emailing back and forth with one of their technicians.  The issue is that the technician,  even after asking for pictures that I sent him,  had not given me much in the way of constructive help.  I can see from many websites that there are a myriad of different button push combinations that can be used to reset the system dependent upon which error codes are being displayed.  However,  there are many,  many manuals and technical documents at their website and I'm not sure what the exact system is that I have installed.  I know the TouchPad is a 140-1226, but not sure of the controller or revision as i cannot locate the controller.  I have emailed the technician asking where I can find the controller as well as Fleetwood but have not heard back from anyone yet.  I have asked the technician at Lippert about any codes I could use to reset the controller,  but he has not responded back yet.  From several videos on YouTube I have watched,  on reseting the system,  they all caution that if the wrong sequence of buttons are pushed at the wrong time,  serious damage can occur.  That is a situation I'd rather not find myself in.  

         So,  that being said,  I am hoping to get a call back from either Lippert or REV Rv to give me some clarity on the situation.  Chances are it will be just a series of button pushes to reset the controller but I'm not going to randomly start pushing buttons and get myself into a worse situation than I'm already in.  Thanks for the reply and information,  as,  from what I have researched,  you are spot on!!!

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