2018 Fleetwood Storm 34S driver's noise

  • 11/07/2020 1:17 AM
    Message # 9349641

    Hi Everyone, 

    Mike here again.  Well,  my wife and I started our first cross country trip in this motorhome on September 21st of this year.  We are pulling our Toyota Corolla behind it on a tow dolly.  The objective is to visit our two sons,  and then a few weeks to enjoy ourselves.  We have visited our two sons,  and our three grandson's, and then headed to REV RV south of Portland Oregon.  We had an appointment on November 4th and just left there today November 6th for a campsite in Florence,  Oregon.  The trip was about 70 miles.  While at REV, they repaired both fenders over the front tires,  as both were cracked and I had duck taped them in place to keep them from falling completely off.  They also had to seal the entire area between the engine compartment and the passenger compartment as there was a freezing breeze that came through the firewall so strong that my wife and I both had to have blankets over our legs, even with the heater on high. There were even bugs,  in the summer,  that came through on the passenger side.  

         Well,  after a huge and hefty bill,  we left REV today and traveled to this campsite.  On the way here today,  I noticed that the driver's side tire,  whenever we would hit a dip in the road or any place where the road wasn't exactly level,  the driver's tire would bounce and make a rusty squeeking noise,  like bouncing an old car with worn out shocks up and down.  When entering the RV park,  and driving over the speed bumps, the bouncing and noise was incredible.  This had not occurred at all until I had taken it to the REV dealership. Does anyone know what is going on? Or why it happened?

         We have been on the road since September 21st, and this has not been an issue until our visit to REV and the work they performed on it.  The only thing that they did that could have changed anything was the oil change and they increased the tire pressure from 100 to 104 PSI. 

         Any suggestions? 

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