Plastic Closet Door Bracket Catch

  • 04/19/2012 7:35 AM
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    We have two large sliding glass doors on our closet.  On each side is a plastic bracket that holds the doors in place while traveling.  One of the brackets broke.  I've checked the Fleetwood Parts but there is no replacements listed as well as Camping World.  Does anyone have any idea where I can find one or some type of replacement?  My wife and I are really questioning why Fleetwood would build a MH and use plastic catches to hold such large doors!  Thanks for any help.


  • 04/21/2012 6:49 AM
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    Plastic Closet Door Latch
    I checked with Fleetwood and they didn't have any replacements.  Why would a company design and sell a MH and not have replacement parts for everything?  My wife and I stopped at an Independent RV company about 20 miles away and they had the exact replacements.  I'm beginning to sour on Fleetwood!
  • 06/12/2012 3:20 PM
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    The plastic on my doors in the bedroom broke also.  I was able to buy the parts from Fleetwood with out a problem the part # 092410  door keeper and jump clip #586882.  Hope it helps.  

  • 06/27/2012 10:26 PM
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    Deleted user

    One of our brackets broke also.  We had the dealer order it and had no problem getting it replaced.  That has been about a year ago so maybe now they aren't available.  I agree with the fact that they are pretty flimsy door latches.  We have a 2008 Discovery and it has a dimmer switch in the bedroom that controls the overhead lights and that has been replaced now twice.  Seems they could come up with one that would last no more than it's used. 

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