DISH for RV or other cable systems

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  • 04/05/2012 10:13 AM
    Message # 882586

    We only use our DISH, activating the subscription when we travel.  Our last trip through the south in February 2012 we were unable to access local channels through DISH and were told we had to pay additional.  This used to be included in the subscription pkg. we had.  When we would call for assistance we got the phone staff who had never heard of the RV  program. We sent an email and have had no response no acknowledgement. 

     Have others had this trouble and or what do you use for occasional travel.  We thought that DISH was our answer but evidently they are no longer intereted in on and off again RVers??' 

  • 04/28/2012 1:13 PM
    Reply # 905141 on 882586
    Deleted user
    We use DirectTV, but your issue is the same for Dish.  We use the service for both home and the RV.  We Snowbirded in FL this year and I checked on getting local service through the satellite.  I was given a paper to read and fill out, but after reading through it I determined you can only get local service if you are a fulltimer or long-haul truck driver.  Directtv has a special department you have to go to get answers for anything concerning RV's.  Since Dish is now sponsoring RV Rallys I would guess they can now better answer your questions or concerns.
  • 05/29/2012 1:47 AM
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    Dennis Mangan

    We use dish and just became full timers, We are having the same problems, thier supervisors seem to know about RVing ,but not the average tech. Dish and direct tv are now owned by the same company so threatening to go to the other company does not help. We bought a box from camping world  and installed it and called dish to activate now they are claiming that we are leasing it from them. Still no local channels. Have an appointment on Thursday maybe it will get resolved, won't hold my breath. 

  • 06/01/2012 10:13 AM
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    Pat and Jerry Morrison
    On our recent travels we have had luck by requesting local services and getting a supervisor online.  From here on we will immediately ask for a supervisor instead of wasting our time with the phone reps...
  • 06/03/2012 9:30 PM
    Reply # 941962 on 882586
    Deleted user
    We are trying to decide on Dish or Direct and are wondering which is best for home and RVing.  It sounds like neither one really preforms well in the RV.  Are you able to take the box from home and use it in the RV?
  • 07/12/2012 10:52 PM
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    Deleted user
    I've had both Direct and DISH and now have DISH since I bought my 2012 Southwind. My experience with Direct was bad..initially my contract called for allowing me to suspend service when not traveling in my RV but after several years they said they changed the policy and would not allow but a few suspensions in a calendar year. I finally was able to cancel with Direct after a long and frustrating battle with every level of Direct. So far DISH has been great. I pay $9 per month for the full time service for the RV and bought a external hard drive so we can record since the RV model does not have that capability. We have DISH in our house so the extra receiver in the RV is why it is only $9 and I could turn it on and off but since we travel a lot, I don't bother. When I'm out of my local viewing area I call tech support and ask for the RV Dept and they always know what to do to change the location so I get local where I'm camping. I have the Trac system for stationary viewing and it always locks in to both local and national channels after I re-boot and download the guide..  DISH does use two satellites to view all the channels so the dish does have to move to align but it is automatic.....smooth operation.
  • 08/31/2012 3:18 PM
    Reply # 1061781 on 882586

    We have been DISH customers since 2001.  We have always taken our reciever from home when we traveled and used an outside dish to the  auxillary connection in our service compartment.  Local channels from our home area (KY) were never a problem until 2007, even in FL or IA.  Then when we couldn't get them and contacting Dish they told us the government rules had changed and you had to receive local stations from the Marketing Area in which your receiver was located. 

    They sent us a 'Dish Network Proof of Ownership Form' which we filled out and faxed to them with a copy of our then current MotorHome registration.  Since that time when we are away from home we take our DVR with us and when connected to satallites 110 and 119, phone to tech support and give our location address and site number to receive the local channels.   As previously stated by others not all techs are knowledgeable in the switching procedures.  This time the tech reformatted our hard drive which resulted in loosing all our previously recorded programming!  I guess I will no longer try to educate the 1st line techs and request a supervisor for switching locals or as previously suggestet, request an RV tech.

    Harry and Rowena Johnson

    2002 Southwind 35R

    2000 Accord n 2012 CRV toads

  • 10/04/2012 5:32 PM
    Reply # 1094121 on 882586
    Deleted user

    We currently use Direct and when are outside of 300 miles from home we just use the digital TV to seek local news channels. Cureently looking at pay as you go Dish,

  • 10/09/2012 10:39 AM
    Reply # 1099051 on 882586
    Deleted user

    We had Direct TV in our prior RV.  Our new one has Dish.  Since it was already equipped that way we decided to give Dish a try though we have Direct TV at home. Because Dish has to access 2 satelites the response time when changing channels is very slow.  I also hate listening to the darn thing grind around when it is changing from locking on one satellite to locking on the other.   We have also found that if we don't turn it off at night it will often go into search mode - I suppose if weather or something causes it to loose the satellite.  We find it very aggrivating compared to Direct TV and I suspect that we willl end up changing it out and getting Direct TV.

    Lynn Simon and Gary Averett


  • 10/20/2012 9:34 PM
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    Deleted user
    We have the Dish Network and take the Reciever from home.  When we get to our stop we call Dish and they turn on the local Channels for us.  If we run into a problem we ask for a supervisor and it gets done.  They never charge for this and told me that if I wanted it changed daily they would with no charge.  Other members in our group have changed to Dish and take their home unit when they travel and do the same with no problems.
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