2017 Fleetwood 32A AC system

  • 02/02/2019 2:33 PM
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    If the RV is disconnected from shore power and generator power, it still has some A/C power. There are extra batteries in the first compartment next to the entrance and yet more batteries next to the generator compartment. The typical batteries found under the steps and beside the radiators under the hood are also there. This RV was purchased slightly used and has little information about it. The manual I have doesn't go into details about this system. It does mention that the RV comes with a 4 KW generator. Mine comes with a 5 KW generator. Where could I find information and a wiring diagram for this system? When disconnected from shore power the system operates the residential refrigerator (mentioned in the manual). It also operates one circuit in the bedroom (not mentioned). I don't know how long it would run off of the batteries with just the refrigerator on. I ran it a couple of hours and then had to go. It would be appreciated if anyone who has this system would let me know something about it. 



  • 02/02/2019 10:45 PM
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    It would help if we knew just what model you have - there are a lot of Fleetwoods.  Your description of the batteries is a little confusing to me. Typically you will have two groupings of batteries.  One will be a 12 vdc battery to start the engine and run chassis systems, the second would be your house batteries to run the house portion of the RV.  Typically they will be 6vdc golf cart batteries hooked up to simulate 12vdc and there are 2 or 4 each (but some house batteries are 12vdc).

    If you have a residential refrig as it sounds like, you have an inverter that takes the dc voltage from the house batteries and converts it to 120 vac to power the residential refrig.  Depending on how many house batteries you have it can run the the residential refrig for 24-36 hours typically.  To maximize the time the inverter does not run all the 120 vac outlets but may run the TV outlets also.

    I am sure others will jump in and expand my basic info and elaborate further on it.  

    I further suggest you go to the Fleetwood website and find Customer Relations and ask for a manual for the specific coach you have.  My experience with them has been very good but not so with the actual manuals.  Fleetwood manuals are generally not very comprehensive or helpful, I have had RVs for many years but I would hate to be a new RVer with the manuals that came with our new Bounder.  

    Hope this helps some.  Good luck.

  • 02/06/2019 8:08 PM
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    Bill & Laura Johnson (Administrator)


    Below is the link for Fleetwood contacts. They can supply you with the wiring diagram for your coach. They will send them to you in a PDF.


    Bill Johnson

  • 02/08/2019 6:34 PM
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    I can't believe I didn't mention it was a Storm. Anyway, thanks for the help. I'll bet it would be easy to add a solar panel to it since everything else is wired in already.

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