2014 Fleetwood Southwind TV removal

  • 01/30/2019 4:51 AM
    Message # 7136708

    Wanting to change main tv, not sure how to remove it. Any hints?

  • 02/03/2019 1:56 PM
    Reply # 7144437 on 7136708

    Well, on our Bounder they had to remove the TV to install a sound bar and left some of their tools behind and that gave me a hint. I will have to do it sometime in future as I expect to put in a Smart TV some day.

    They left a 1/4 in drive socket at the end of several extensions. If you look behind the TV there is a bolt at the top of the frame the TV is attached to.  There is a bolt on each side and coincidentally the socket reached each bolt from each side.  You loosen the bolts the lift the TV up an inch or two and tilt it forward then out away from the wall.  It pivots on the bottom of the frame and you can detach the two parts so the TV will separate after you disconnect the cables and cords.

    The frame I have is a Mor-ryde and I saw some similar at the RV dealer. 

    I hope this helps. I must admit I have not tried it but the socket with extensions started me thinking and I looked at a frame at the RV dealers.  I don't know the socket size as I never looked for it and the RV is back at the dealers for an undetermined amount of time to take care of some minor warranty issues. I hope to get it back before Summer!!! 

    Good Luck!

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