Inverter/Source Manager

  • 08/15/2015 12:29 PM
    Message # 3481080

    I have a 1999 American Eagle with a model 81-0271-12 2000 watt Heart Interface Source Manager.  When boon docking, and operating on the inverter, I am getting power use spikes about every 20 minutes which peg the DC amps at 130 and the inverter makes a strained electrical noise which sounds similar to a noisy transformer.  This lasts for about 30 seconds and the system goes back to normal.  I tried unplugging everything running on the 110 system but this did not help.  Any thoughts before I spend a fortune at the shop?

  • 09/18/2020 12:53 AM
    Reply # 9244985 on 3481080

    Daniel, what did you do about your inverter? I have the same exact one thats not working properly.

    Gerald in WA

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