2024 Bounder 35K Fresh Water Tank leak

  • 06/24/2024 12:54 AM
    Message # 13373670

    Took delivery 06/07/2024.  Spent 2 nights at dealer's RV park to get familiar with things.  Fresh water tank at 78 percent on delivery.  FW tank compartment floor dry as a bone.  Filled fresh water tank to 100 percent.  Used pump and then switched to city water.  All seemed well.  On arrival at home on 06/09/2024, 230 miles from dealer I found the Fresh water tank compartment had about an inch of water in it.  There was a tiny but steady drip coming from the left (forward) side of the tank.  Emptied and dried the compartment bottom.  I drained the tank to 75 percent.  Drip stopped.  Compartment remains dry.  Contacted dealer and waiting to hear from them.

    I'm trying to see if it is something I can deal with rather than drive 230 miles back to my dealer.  In any case, nothing is stopping me from using my new coach as long as I don't fill that tank beyond 78 percent.

    Beyond this, it is a wonderful machine!!!

    Any thoughts appreciated.    Thanks!

  • 06/25/2024 12:53 PM
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    Anthony McCool (Administrator)

    May be a high hose connector since it is still pretty full. Worse case it is a leak from a crack. Under warranty but a pain to replace/ repair tank.

  • 07/02/2024 1:50 AM
    Reply # 13377160 on 13373670

    Thank you for the feedback, Anthony.  i'm scheduled back to my dealer on the 8th.  Meantime I'll see if I can see/feel something that's not completely tight.


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