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  • 03/23/2024 3:30 PM
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    have a new 2024 flair 28a.......havnet had it home long enough to do some measurements.....does anyone know how far the 2 slideouts deploy?......pouring new concrete pad to store it on, and may have some tree issues on the slideout side.....thanks

  • 03/24/2024 6:26 PM
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    Pete Baker (Administrator)

    Mr Stafford,   Park your RV on a level part of the street in front of your house..  extend your slide-outs fully .   And measure how far extend.   Write it down. Close them.  You now have your answer… as most of the rest of us have.  

    just don’t be like one of members that  poured the thick slab and didn’t take into account the overhang on the house eaves…. Whoops   He was very proud of a parking space he couldn’t use. 

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  • 03/24/2024 9:37 PM
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    Anthony McCool (Administrator)

    Slides can very so much across manufacturers and models. And although that model may have a spec sheet on it, to find it would be a challenge. Would be easier to do what Pete Baker suggested to know for sure.

  • 04/04/2024 9:07 PM
    Reply # 13339171 on 13333772
    all of that would be great if i could ever get the motorhome back from camping world...purchased new feb 3....didnt pick it up for a couple of weeks, feb 21st......have taken it out one time....took it back in to get everything fixed that was messed up from factory......water system had ck valve reversed, couldnt even fill fresh water tank... scratch on bathroom door, wood under refrigerator was trashed from someone not locking door before driving....the whole thing rattles so loud i cant hear the radio while driving.....drawer wouldnt stay shut, microwave missing parts....emergency brake pad wouldnt even stay on when released....bathroom door was supposed to be here march 6.......not a good start......have made 3 payments and cant use motorhome......have no idea if shower, toilet, or water heater work......havent been able to try them yet.......not happy......
  • 04/11/2024 12:46 AM
    Reply # 13341781 on 13333772
    Pete Baker (Administrator)

    It's new...  take it away from CW and get it another authorized dealer.while it's still warranty covered!  

    That is my knee jerk reaction.  

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