• 03/15/2024 4:55 PM
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    We have 2021 bounder 33c is there away to bring the sofa back forward, to get back there for cleaning and repair if needed. thank you

  • 03/16/2024 8:44 AM
    Reply # 13330391 on 13330228
    Anthony McCool (Administrator)

    It depends on the kind of sofa you have. You.may need a socket wrench. Ask this on the FMA Facebook forum.

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  • 03/17/2024 8:05 AM
    Reply # 13330666 on 13330228
    Pete Baker (Administrator)

    There are jackknifed sofas, recliner sofas,, L shaped and etc.  a photo upload goes a long way.  

    do you have the ability to lift the seat from the front of the couch?

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  • 03/18/2024 1:20 PM
    Reply # 13331138 on 13330228

    No it has foot rests that lift up.

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