Battery Disconnect 2023 Bounder 35K

  • 02/08/2024 2:42 PM
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    Can anyone provide assistance when it comes to the battery disconnect on a 2023 Bounder 35K.  The only way to get power to the coach when not connected to A/C power is when the generator is running.  This system is all new to me.  I believe the disconnect is on, but can't seem to get it off. !!

    Last modified: 02/09/2024 1:17 AM | Stephen Kemp Sr
  • 02/09/2024 9:44 AM
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    Pete Baker (Administrator)

    Is your fridge on when not  plugged in or running Gen?

    if not, find the MAGNUM CONTROLLER press AND HOLD power button until green light comes on.   
    check the fridge.   On?  

    if not, check for a manual battery disconnect mounted to the upper wall inside one of your bays.  Turn it  a quarter turn so that the house batteries are engaged.  Repeat step one above.  

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  • 02/09/2024 4:05 PM
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    Thanks for the reply Pete.  I have the Fridge in display mode but completely off.  This system is all new to me.  I've never had a coach with the solar panel or the BCC.  My 2017 Thor had coach and and chassis battery disconnect switches but no BCC or solar panel.  The LED's for both coach and chassis battery disconnect show green.  I'm not sure is this means disconnect is on or off.  I'm lost.  I will be using it this month from the 15th through 18th and there's no hookup.  I'm trying to locate and owners manual for the BCC. 

  • 02/10/2024 9:07 AM
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    Pete Baker (Administrator)

    Stay out of the BCC.  That is a place of last resort, not a starting point.

    with Gen off and coach not plugged in.  Get the fridge working.

  • 02/10/2024 11:38 AM
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    Hello Stephen. We have a 2020 35K so I assume it is the same setup. The battery disconnect switches should be on the wall just inside the door. They are two little switches like in the photo. Press the top of them to supply power from the batteries. Mine have no indicators as to whether they are on or off other than 12 volt items work.  If they are on you will have lights, the propane furnace fan and any other 12 volt appliances like the water pump will work. If they don't the switch is either off or your house batteries are dead. If the inverter is on as Pete described your fridge will work as well as the main TV and a couple of 120 outlets. The main shutoff which is next to the BCC will shut everything off so if you have anything running that means that switch is on correctly. Hope this helps. There are a lot of systems on these rigs so I understand the confusion as I went through the same. Good luck.

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  • 02/11/2024 4:08 PM
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    Update - All is good now. It seems, at least to me, the solar panel supplies power to keep the battery banks charged when not using generator or A/C power.  I also learned the inverter must be on to supply power to run the refrigerator.  I would like to thank Pete, Stephen and wife for the input they provided.  I'm open to any other advice about the Bounder 35K,  Thank you.

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