Water Pressure

  • 01/31/2024 4:55 PM
    Message # 13308696

    2018 Pace Arrow 38K

    Very low water pressure in sinks and shower.

    Is this normal or is the something I can look for?

  • 02/01/2024 11:02 AM
    Reply # 13309057 on 13308696

    I would check any filters or screens for sand or other fouling. That is typically the cause in my experience 

  • 02/01/2024 5:56 PM
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    Filter is fine.

  • 02/02/2024 8:48 AM
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    Your first question was "is this normal". It isn't normal if you have good pressure at the source. If you have good pressure...ie 40+ psi , you should have decent pressure in all faucets. There are inexpensive pressure gauges you can get at Camping World or Amazon  for that. If you have good pressure at the source there is a blockage somewhere. There are screens on most faucets that can be removed and cleaned.  I would do one at a time until you find the culprit. If that doesn't work you may need to get your lines blown out with compressed air.

  • 02/06/2024 11:22 AM
    Reply # 13311379 on 13308696
    Pete Baker (Administrator)

    Mr. & Mrs Bartlett,   

    Your disregard for the advice you have been given leads me to believe you did not understand the answer.  

    Your Water filter, whether it is attached to the hose or built in at the water bay, is not what you being told to check.  

    If your RV has a regular response to flushing the toilet and no water interruption at the flush.   Just like in a brick and mortar building each sink has a screw on screen/filter at the tap.  Wrap the end of the faucet with a soft cloth and unscrew (pliers).  

    Turn on the faucet without the screen attached.   If your sink flows freely without the screen, then .....

    Old style- soak the parts in vinegar, and use a pin or needle to clear clogged holes and any sediment.

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