Inverter only appears to support Fridge

  • 10/10/2023 8:08 PM
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    Our 'new to us' 2019 Southwind 35K has the residential fridge, big step up from what we had on the boat however it appears to consume a huge amount of energy.  Knocks our 2x100Ah Lithium batteries down to 10% SOC by morning.  Will likely add additional two batteries and add to the existing 400watts solar.  The new Magnum 3000 inverter also appears to only have the fridge wired, no outlets, no induction stove, no microwave.  On our boat we have similar Inverter and it powers everything on the boat including oven and A/C.  Two questions;

    1) is this normal behavior for this fridge?

    2) how to add some/all outlets to Inverter power.



  • 10/11/2023 9:25 AM
    Reply # 13265797 on 13265633
    Pete Baker (Administrator)

    Usually the inverter runs fridge, LR and Bedroom TV,  an outlet tied to the tv’s, all 12v  overhead lights,  and on newer models an outlet by or over the bed to run a cpap machine.

    If you only have 2 house batteries, and not enough solar, you can set your Gerset to automatically run and recharge the house batteries until you can install more power storage. Gen will shut off when preset level obtained. (Got to have more than a quarter tank of fuel for the Gen to auto run.)

  • 10/11/2023 9:48 AM
    Reply # 13265813 on 13265633

    Thanks, no outlets powered in master bedroom.  Will open the AC panel and see how the TVs are wired and change over the other three breakers to Inverter capable.

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