7.3 V8

  • 08/10/2023 5:32 PM
    Message # 13239420

    WE have 7.3 V8 in our Bounder with 4000 miles on it started misfiring has anybody else had this problem.We have taken it to a ford dealer have not heard back from yet.

  • 08/11/2023 10:33 AM
    Reply # 13239671 on 13239420

    Year and model of your vehicle?  I’m not mechanical, so I might get the wording wrong, but I know there was a problem with ignition/plug wires failing due to heat and thus causing misfires on Ford chassis. We have a 2021 Southwind 35K, which was supposedly manufactured after the defective wires were found and no longer used. However, it turns out we had those defective wires in our unit. Two failed resulting in the check engine light and lots of misfires. Once the wires were replaced, everything was fine. 

  • 08/11/2023 11:04 AM
    Reply # 13239692 on 13239420

    I appreciate your reply. Our is a 2021 Bounder 33c.  The chassis was manufactured August 2020. Your description seems to describes our.  We have not heard yet from the Ford dealer.   

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