No brake lights

  • 03/09/2023 6:41 AM
    Message # 13125154

    I have lost both turn signals and brake lights.  Everything was working fine the last time I used the unit, but when I did a safety check before I drove off, none of these worked. 

    The tail lights (on a separate circuit) works properly.

    I've check the bulbs, there fine.  I check the fuses under the dashboard and they're all good.  I am planning to get a new relay (mounted under-dash) today, if there is no way to test them.  

    Note that this is without a toad attached.  My RV is a 2001 Discovery 38D.  

    I'm wondering if there are additional fuses somewhere in-line.  I haven't found any such creatures.  If anyone knows if there are additional fuses somewhere, or has any other advice or suggestions I'd be most grateful for your response!

  • 03/10/2023 9:22 AM
    Reply # 13126579 on 13125154

    Thomas,  I have a 39Z Bounder and there are fuses for the brake and turn signal lights in the electrical storage bin.  Have you check there to see if you may have fuses there?  Hope this helps.

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