2006 Discovery 39L Slide trouble

  • 01/01/2023 8:45 PM
    Message # 13040911

    Bringing passenger kitchen slide in and makes a clacking noise like gear is stripped or motor is going.  any thoughts Kerry Pinkerton?

  • 01/04/2023 9:58 PM
    Reply # 13045212 on 13040911

    Doesn't sound good Allen.  Check the rack and pinion at each end.  If you can listen to it clicking, it might identify the culprit.

    To remove the motor, unplug the connector.  There are shear bolts on each end of the pinion shades.  1/4-20 iirc.  Remove those and slide the shafts off the stubs coming out of the motor.  Unbolt the motor and remove.  You can remove the screws and open the aluminum gearbox.  I suspect you've got some stripped gears.

    The motor is made by Clabber iirc.

  • 01/24/2023 1:35 PM
    Reply # 13070969 on 13040911

    Thank you so much!  I opted for a new motor and it was, as you described, fairly easy to replace.  It helps that the cargo bays come out with the slide!  As always, your thoughtful descriptions are so helpful.  Cheers!

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