Washer-Dryer Separated 2018 Fleetwood Discovery 40D

  • 11/19/2022 11:58 AM
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    While taking a cross country trip from LA to NC...  I learned that I-40 in AZ was not my friend.  I got bounced around so much that the W/D separated from the brackets that hold them together, not to mention it started walking.  I took it to my local RV dealer who is trying to tell me that bracket is broke and i need a new washer.  This I find hard to believe. The exterior panel from the D/W came of as well and again, I was told they can't fix the panel only replace the D/W.  My extended warranty coverage from GS won't cover because it's not electrical or mechanical.  Anyone offer some guidance

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  • 11/20/2022 10:23 PM
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    Bill & Laura Johnson (Administrator)


    I guess the first question is do the units operate even though they are broken free? If they do, I would find someone that can fabricate a replacement bracket to hold the units together. I find it hard to believe that simply having the bracket ripped free would destroy the units. I know our pair has shifted in the cabinet in the past, and I simply pushed them back into place. tired of doing that when we were home for a stretch I pulled the face frame wood off and added a bracket to hold the units in place.

    You might call Fleetwood Customer Service 800 322-8216 and ask what they can suggest on the Dish Washer. I know some appliances carry a longer factory warranty than others.

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