• 10/21/2022 6:14 PM
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    This may be a silly question because I think I know the answer, but want to make sure. I have a 2019 Fleetwood 29m and it's time to change the batteries. Currently, the coach only has two 6v batteries (I assume hooked in series) and I would like to change them out to possibly two 12v AGM batteries to get a longer charge out of them. Being the coach has a residential refrigerator, and does not run on propane, I need to get a longer run time on the batteries. I may add solar later, so I may need to plan ahead and get the right batteries so I can boondock if we wish, Any thoughts or suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.

  • 10/22/2022 6:02 PM
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    I have an additional question to go with this, it looks like I have a WFCO Ultra 3 Deckmount Converter installed somewhere in the unit, would anyone know where? Possibly under the bed by the distribution center? I assume this converter will adapt to any type of battery I may choose to go with.

  • 10/23/2022 5:53 AM
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    I am very much not an expert, or even an owner with any kind of advanced knowledge of batteries, but since you’ve asked and haven’t had a response yet I’ll throw in some personal experience.

    We have a 2017 Fleetwood Storm (34D) with residential fridge.  It has two main coach batteries in an outside ‘garage’ storage bay, and two auxiliary batteries under one of the interior steps at the main entrance.  These were all Harris 6V GC2 wet cell batteries.  It is my understanding that the extra two auxiliary batteries are added due to the residential fridge.  You mention that you may only have a total of 2 coach/auxiliary batteries, not 4?  

    We decided to replace all four of our coach/auxiliary batteries with AGM type.  We went with four VMAX XTR6-235 AGM 6V 235AH GC2 batteries from Walmart.  They were a total of approx $1300 at the time, earlier this year.

    We also had to change settings on our Magnum/Sensata Inverter-Charger when we installed the AGM’s.  One of the settings was for battery type and there were two choices: AGM1 (for Lifeline AGM batteries) or AGM2 (for East Penn, Deka, Discover, Trojan AGM batteries)  Our new batteries were not mentioned.  There were other settings which also needed to be changed.  Not being experts, or even all that knowledgeable we decided to call Magnum/Sensata directly to get the correct inverter-charger settings for our new batteries.  It is actually what we should have done -before- buying the new batteries.  But we got lucky and they turned out to be compatible.

    Not sure if this was helpful, but there it is.  The issue of future solar panels is a completely separate topic which would probably include discussion of other types of batteries like those from Battle Born.  You might also want to pose your question on a forum like,,, etc.

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