Hydraulic Levelers

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  • 06/28/2021 1:54 PM
    Reply # 10708176 on 10572991

    Hi everyone, I finally figured out how to manually bring my jacks up. It really wasn’t that hard, except for the fact that I had to work my way to the pump from under the coach. 

    This brings me to another question, there is a lot of wasted space in the area where the pump is. Does anyone know where I could possibly have a storage cabinet made and a larger access door cut into the side of my coach? I probably should ask this in another topic, but I thought I would try here first. Hi hanks everyone. 

  • 07/20/2021 9:06 PM
    Reply # 10764668 on 10572991

    Hi Gary,

    We had a similar issue with our 2014 Southwind, stopped into an RV Superstore in Florida, and after 5 hours they could not trace the problem!

    I was able to convince them that I was not paying for their lack of service.

    The next day I contacted a mobile RV repairman, and within 45 minutes he traced the problem to a blown 25 amp "in-line" fuse located high up in the dash behind the speedometer!

    The fuse was not identified anywhere and really did not make sense as to why it was located where it was. The same fuse controlled the levellers and chassis fan blower for the dash heater.

    Good luck with your search for the cause of your problem.

  • 10/09/2021 5:01 PM
    Reply # 11241818 on 10572991

    Hi everyone, thought I would put an end to this story. I ended up taking my RV to the shop for warranty on this, and some other things, It was in for almost 6 weeks and the warranty didn't cover anything I had on the list. However, they found the problem. The issue ended up being a wire was pulled out on the control box in one of my storage bays. If I could had found the control box, none of this would have been necessary and would have saved me some big bucks. Oh well, live and learn.  Thanks again for everybody's suggestions.

  • 04/01/2023 5:51 PM
    Reply # 13153523 on 10572991

    I am having the beeping noise that I've been told is the hydraulic jacks need fluid. Where do I find the location. I have downloaded the Owner's Manual and looked online dug around the rig where trying to locate it. 

  • 05/05/2023 4:17 PM
    Reply # 13192770 on 10572991

    Hi Eric, I'm not sure how all of the posts about the problems I had with my levelers back in 2021 got attached to your inquiry. However for what it's worth, I found the pump control and reservoir on my Flair 29m underneath the unit on the drivers side between the dump compartment and the cab area. There is a small access door on the side of my unit, but it is virtually useless because the pump is too far back to get to from the hatch. The only way I can reach it is by crawling underneath. Good luck.

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