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02/01/2023 3:40 PM | Pete Baker (Administrator)

Hello Everyone,

Over the next few months you may notice some changes and updates intended to improve your use of your website.

Added in 2023:  

A way to pay a $100 deposit in our new Rally Store.   (Rally T-Shirts coming soon)

The Organization voted to add a Scholarship fund geared toward children of Fleetwood employees attending Technical Schools.  Your donation support will be added on top of the allocated $500/yr grant. 

We are in process of adding more content in the Members Only areas such as new discounts and updated Educational Training materials from the manufacturers of your key Fleetwood RV components.  

If you have suggestions for improvement or can't find something we moved, please feel free to contact the webmaster at

As always,  Thank you for your continued support!


  • 07/09/2022 10:04 PM | Anonymous
    Please make your website mobile friendly!
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    • 02/17/2023 12:52 AM | Pete Baker (Administrator)
      We try to do this, Please send email to a bit more info. Such as what device you are using, what area you are trying to view, etc. I would also recommend trying the Wild Apricot mobile App for your Apple or Google Play store.
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  • 12/03/2022 12:33 PM | Jeff Bratsburg
    We were past Discovery and American Tradition owners. We now have downsized to a Wayfarer. We were. under the impression that we were still allowed to be in the group. We actually attended the rally in Webster last year as a member. I see that that is. no longer true. We tried to register for the rally and were unable to register as a member. Would you please refund our 2021 and prepaid 2022 membership dues. We won’t be taking part in any future rallies. Thank you, Jeff and Marcia Bratsburg 1475 Flamingo Drive, Lot 22. Englewood, Fl.
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    • 02/17/2023 12:58 AM | Pete Baker (Administrator)
      Just want to make sure your concerns are addressed. The difference between Members and Non-Members Rally Registrations is a net $10. While our corporate bylaws state that membership is limited to Fleetwood RV Owners, Our Rally are open to all. In fact our 2023 Free Rally recipient was a non-member that attended at the recommendation of a friend.
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  • 04/18/2023 2:01 PM | Thomas F. & Joyce Nix
    We would like to invite our RV friends to the Florida Rally 2024. Is this possible? Tell me more about the Rally. We are comparing to the Fleetwood Rallies we have attended.
    Thank you
    Fleetwood Bounder owners
    joyce Nix
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    • 10/17/2023 10:13 PM | Larry & Mary Ellen Hornsby (Administrator)
      You can invite your RV friends to the rally. They just need to go on and register. They can register as a member or a non member it just cost a little more for rally fee.
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