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  • 03/12/2017 11:41 AM
    Reply # 4661992 on 940018
    W Parten wrote:

    We have downsized from a class A diesel to a Fleetwood Tioga class C gas, Ford V10.  After our first trip, I found that our milage/gallon was better on the 38 foot diesel (8.3mpg fully loaded and towing) than the gas with a tow and less of a load (7.2mpg or less).

    What kind of mileage can I expect from the Ford V10?  What's the best RPM or speed to drive to attain peak mileage?  Does an octane boost improve the mileage? 

    FWIW, we have had both a Class C and A with the Ford V 10. Both units had a toad and we got in the neighborhood of 7-9 MPG. depending on the terrain we were in.

    This was done keeping the speed around 65MPH.

    Hope this helps.

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  • 05/17/2017 8:10 PM
    Reply # 4838898 on 3054759
    Anonymous wrote:

    We purchased a 2014 Fleetwood Bounder (K35), we are having real problems with the steering and handling. There seems to be way too much play in the steering and real hard to hold straight.  We have taken it in for wheel alignment and we purchased safety plus steering control bars and placed on it. We are still having major issues. Called Ford because it is a Ford Chassis and they gave us no help at all and would not even consider doing anything. Fleetwood told us it is a Ford problem. No one seems to want to do anything so I guess we purchased a real expensive problem! If some one knows what to do we would really appreciate any help or ideas! Anyone else having this problem????

    I really think Fleetwood should make Ford do something! I think I would really have to think about purchasing  from a different manufacturer next time.

     I found a broken sway braket rear left was all over the road now good $21. part and went to second hole in both sway bars and (wow) better

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  • 06/13/2017 6:41 PM
    Reply # 4898923 on 3677334
    Linda & Alvin Hausauer wrote:

    We have a 2014 Bounder Classic, Any suggestions on installing portable solar panels to maintain the batteries. Also, is it possible to add an inverter?

     New owner of a 2107 , one A/C unit has a solar panel on it.

    maybe you could get one from A/C maker?

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